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frequency_weights() creates a vector of frequency weights which allow you to compactly repeat an observation a set number of times. Frequency weights are supplied as a non-negative integer vector, where only whole numbers are allowed.





An integer vector.


A new frequency weights vector.


Frequency weights are integers that denote how many times a particular row of the data has been observed. They help compress redundant rows into a single entry.

In tidymodels, frequency weights are used for all parts of the preprocessing, model fitting, and performance estimation operations.


# Record that the first observation has 10 replicates, the second has 12
# replicates, and so on
frequency_weights(c(10, 12, 2, 1))
#> <frequency_weights[4]>
#> [1] 10 12  2  1

# Fractional values are not allowed
try(frequency_weights(c(1.5, 2.3, 10)))
#> Error in frequency_weights(c(1.5, 2.3, 10)) : 
#>   Can't convert from `x` <double> to <integer> due to loss of precision.
#>  Locations: 1, 2