The family of spruce_*() functions convert predictions into a standardized format. They are generally called from a prediction implementation function for the specific type of prediction to return.



spruce_prob(pred_levels, prob_matrix)



(type = "numeric") A numeric vector of predictions.


(type = "class") A factor of "hard" class predictions.

pred_levels, prob_matrix

(type = "prob")

  • pred_levels should be a character vector of the original levels of the outcome used in training.

  • prob_matrix should be a numeric matrix of class probabilities with as many columns as levels in pred_levels, and in the same order.


A tibble, ideally with the same number of rows as the new_data passed to predict(). The column names and number of columns vary based on the function used, but are standardized.


After running a spruce_*() function, you should always use the validation function validate_prediction_size() to ensure that the number of rows being returned is the same as the number of rows in the input (new_data).